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Aakjær, Jeppe (1866 - 1930)

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Jeppe Aakjær (born in Aakjær[1] in September 10, 1866 – died in Jenle, April 22, 1930) was a Danish poet and novelist, described in Chambers Biographical Dictionary as "a leader of the 'Jutland Movement' in Danish literature".[2] A regionalist, much of his writings were about his native Jutland. He was known for writings that reflected his concern for the impoverished and for describing rural existence. At the age of 20, he was sent to jail for speaking freely about his concerns, which the local government officials did not care for. Being an outspoken socialist Aakjær joined the Social Democratic Party. He moved to Copenhagen and worked as a proofreader and journalist[1]. From 1907 until his death he lived on his own farm, Jenle (Jutlandish dialect for "Lonely"), writing both poetry and prose and enjoying a growing popularity....

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