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Hambidge, Jay (1867 - 1924)

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Jay Hambidge (1867–1924) was an American artist, born in Canada. He was a pupil at the Art Students' League in New York and of William Chase, and a thorough student of classical art. He conceived the idea that the study of arithmetic with the aid of geometrical designs was the foundation of the proportion and symmetry in Greek architecture, sculpture, and ceramics.[citation needed] Careful examination and measurements of classical buildings in Greece, among them the Parthenon, the temple of Apollo at Bassæ, of Zeus at Olympia and Athenæ at Ægina, prompted him to formulate the theory of "dynamic symmetry"[citation needed] as demonstrated in his works Dynamic Symmetry: The Greek Vase (1920) and The Elements of Dynamic Symmetry (1926). It created a great deal of discussion,[citation needed] an English critic saying that Hambidge did not try to formulate a new theory, but to recover a lost technique.[citation needed] He found a disciple in Dr. Lacey D. Caskey, the author of Geometry of Greek Vases (1922)....

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