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Manners, J. Hartley (1870 - 1928)

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John Hartley Manners (10 August 1870 – 19 December 1928)[1] was a London-born playwright of Irish extraction who wrote Peg o' My Heart, which starred his wife, Laurette Taylor on Broadway in one of her greatest stage triumphs. He wrote the 1922 silent screen adaptation of Peg o' My Heart which starred Laurette. The 1932 sound remake starring Marion Davies was adapted from Manners play as Manners had died in 1928. Manners also wrote two 1924 silent film screenplays which starred his wife in her only two other motion picture appearances, Happiness adapted from his play, and One Night in Rome. The latter his wife particularly enjoyed and kept a personal print to run over and over for guests....

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Peg O' My Heart

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