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Moore, James M (1702 - 1734)

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James Moore Smythe (1702 – October 18, 1734) was an English playwright, fop, and wastrel who was born James Moore.He was the son of Arthur Moore (ca. 1668 – 4 May 1730), M.P. for Great Grimsby, and his 2nd wife Theophila Smythe, dau. of William Smythe Esq., Paymaster of the Band of Pensioners, and Lady Elizabeth Berkeley. His maternal grandfather was George Berkeley, 1st Earl of Berkeley and his mother carried the last name Smythe. Moore graduated from All Souls College, Oxford with a Bachelor of Arts in 1722. During his college years, he had a reputation for wittiness and a great attention to fashion. He was referred to by the informal name "Jemmy." This lack of seriousness offended Moore's father, but the Earl of Berkeley provided a government post for him, and, when Berkeley died in 1720, he left estates to Moore on condition that he change his name to Smythe....

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