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Thynne, Francis (1545 - 1608)

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Francis Thynne (c. 1544 – 1608) was an officer of arms at the College of Arms in London. Thynne was born in Kent, the son of William Thynne, who was Master of the Household of King Henry VIII. Francis Thynne was an antiquary before being admitted to the College of Arms after several fruitless applications. He was finally appointed Blanche Lyon Pursuivant of Arms Extraordinary in 1602, the first instance of this office being “extraordinary.” Immediately after this appointment, he was promoted to Lancaster Herald of Arms in Ordinary. Thynne had an eventful life, having been imprisoned for more than two years as a debtor and crippled with gout for much of his life. He was known to have assisted William Camden in his heraldic work and was recommended by Sir William Dethick for eventual promotion to the office of Norroy King of Arms. This promotion never occurred, and Thynne died circa November 1608. His arms were those of Botfield (his family’s original name) and were blazoned Barry of ten Or and Sable....

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