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Treacher, W. H. (William Hood), Sir (1849 - 1919)

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Sir William Hood Treacher, K.C.M.G. was born on 1 December 1849 and died on 3 May 1919. Sir William was the fourth son of Rev. Joseph Skipper Treacher, MA, Vicar of Sandford-on-Thames, by his 1st wife Pauline Louise Pierret. He was the sixth British Resident of Perak and the first Governor of North Borneo (1881 - 1887). Sir William married Leila Rumsey daughter of Rev. J. Rumsey, the couples had a daughter, named Sheila Neville Treacher (1876 - 1908). He also founded the Anglo Chinese School in Klang on March 10, 1893....

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