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Trotter, James M (1842 - 1892)

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James Monroe Trotter (1842-1892) was born in Gulfport, Mississippi to slave owner Richard S. Trotter and a slave named Letitia. Letitia, along with her two sons, James Monroe and Charles Trotter, escaped on the Underground Railroad to Cincinnati , Ohio. James attended the Gilmer School in that city. He later received teacher education training at The Albany Academy in Athens County, Ohio. He used this training to teach in schools for colored persons in the Ohio counties of Pike and Muskingham, and in Ross county at Chillicothe. It was during his time in Chillicothe that he met his future wife Virginia Isaacs. Miss Isaacs was, according to family tradition, the great-grand daughter of President Thomas Jefferson and Mary Hemings, the sister of Sally Hemings....

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