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Weiss, Carl (1887 - 1935)

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Carl Austin Weiss (December 6, 1906 – September 8, 1935) was a young Baton Rouge, Louisiana physician who allegedly assassinated U.S. Senator Huey Pierce Long, Jr. on September 8, 1935, though his family has vigorously disputed the assertion most recently in an interview with his son, Dr. Carl Weiss, Jr. on an Unsolved Mysteries program first aired in 1993.[1] Weiss was shot on the spot by Long's bodyguards. The most convincing evidence presented on that program, ostensibly exonerating Dr. Weiss, revolves around the ballistics evidence and the conclusions of the insurance company which issued Huey Long's life insurance policy. Long died from either a .38 caliber or a .45 caliber bullet consistent with the bodyguard's ammunition, while Dr. Weiss actually owned a .32 caliber gun which was not seen by anyone at the scene at the time of the confrontation. The insurance investigators concluded that Long's death was "accidental" and that the stray bullet which eventually killed him had been fired carelessly by one of his bodyguards. The fatal shell, fired at relatively close range, was found by the surgeons lodged in Long's body and the conclusion reached on Unsolved Mysteries was that the fatal bullet had either passed through Dr. Weiss's body first or ricocheted off the solid marble walls. In addition, the surgeon's report noted that Long's lip was cut, bleeding and severely bruised, consistent with the punch to Long's mouth attributed to Dr. Weiss by several observers at the scene....

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